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Joy Bus Journeys is an online show where we cruise in our 73 VW Joy Bus to go on amazing adventures, visit healthy restaurants, and explore local farms. Eating healthy can be confusing and overwhelming. We will take you on exciting adventures full of amazing food that is good for you and the planet. Come join us on our journey! 


What we are all about...

15 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic has shown me that most of the illness that people have could be avoided!  Joy Bus Journeys was created to inspire people to eat delicious healthy food that is good for them and the planet.  JBJ is an online show highlighting restaurants and small businesses that are doing things differently- such as locally sourced, organic, vegan, or gluten free.


Join our adventures to discover simple ways to positively impact our planet- while cruising in a 1973 VW Bus…the Joy Bus!

Joy Bus Journeys founder Jake Shumate poses in front of the Volkswagon Bus holding a chicken from Primal Pastures.

Where we have filmed:


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